The enigmatic Dogon tribe of Mali, West Africa, are a wonderous study in ancient knowledge and wisdom. They are fairly reclusive and did not have contact with Europeans until quite late in the exploration time-line. An amazing fact regarding the Dogon people is that their ancient oral traditions have always held the knowledge that the Dog-Star, Sirius was a binary system which was not discovered by astronomers until fairly recently. Much like the ancient Summerians, they tell of visitations by extra-terrestrial beings who gave them this knowledge eons ago!

On August 15 the Dogon will speak to humanity on GIC Radio. Bikbaye Inejnema and Naba Iritah Shenmira have come forward as instructed by their elders to share a message with the world. Dr. Bernard Alvarez D.M. (Executive Director of the Global Illumination Council) and Yvonne Wykes (Executive Administrator of the GIC) will be joined by them for a 2 hour event sure to awaken the spirit.


Bickbaye Inejnema

Bikbaye Inejnema has followed in the footsteps of the ancestors of the Pharaoh's of ancient Egypt when he was initiated into the Dogon/Kemetic way of life. He became a dedicated student with Master Naba Lamoussa Mordenibig, an authentic Dogon/Ancient Egyptian high priest and healer of Burkino Faso, West Africa, in the mid 90's. Bikbaye was taught how to read, write and speak the Medu Neter (Hieroglyphic writing of ancient Egypt) along with having deep understanding of its spiritual and philosophical meanings.
Working with Naba Lamoussa Mordenibig and following the guidance of Dogon Elders in Merita (Africa) the Kemetic knowledge began to be shared through the formation of 'The Earth Center' schools in North America. At the passing of master Naba in 2008, the Dogon Elders gave the responsibility of the initiatic schools to Bikbaye to continue sharing the ancient knowledge with humanity.Through Guidance of the ancestors and Elders of the Dogon in Merita, Bickbaye shares the Tem culture and knowledge through, The Earth Center Schools of which he is Herpw Merr (eldest generation overseer). As a cultural activist, teacher, spiritual counselor and traditional healer of the Dogon/Kemetic way of life the process of awakening for humanity is now taught by Bikbaye.
As the appointed head of The Earth Center schools, Bikbaye is in constant contact with Elders in Merita working to reconnect ancestral spiritual heritage to preserve humanity, the Earth and the Universal Harmony. 
Naba Iritah Shenmira

Naba Iritah Shenmira is a young priest/healer from the Dogon bloodline of the Gourmantche region of Meritah (Africa).  In Kemetic society, the Naba bloodline of the Dogon was in charge of the spiritual life of the Pharaoh, keeping the highest levels of spiritual and astronomical knowledge. Iritah was taught his initiatic education through chosen priests/healers in Western Meritah with the guidance of his father, Naba Lamoussa Mordenibig who has since transitioned in 2008. Iritah’s teachings include the technical, spiritual and philosophical components of the Medu language (humanity’s original language secretly preserved as traditional Africa’s initiatic language, commonly known as Egyptian hieroglyphs), Ka’at Ibi (traditional meditation), and traditional healing. As a decedent of the Egyptians and their knowledge, Iritah now leads Ankhkasta Natural Healing which is a network of priest/healers throughout West Africa and initiates of The Earth Center Schools. 

With Guidance of the ancestors and Elders from Burkina Faso, the home of the Dogon people, Iritah has been chosen to continue the work began by his father over 20 years ago. This involves sharing the Tem culture and knowledge through, The Earth Center Schools that his father Naba Lamoussa Mordenibig began. These schools can now be found around the United States and the world.

Iritah's work and that of The Earth Center is to reconnect ancestral spiritual heritage to preserve humanity, the Earth and the Universal Harmony while building a bridge for all of humanity to re-connect with their ancestral heritage.



Dialogue of energies in the universe.

Knowledge that has remained intact since the time of the Pharaohs is now being shared with humanity to assist in restoring balance to our world.
Indigenous people around the world are reading the signs that our planet and humanity are out of balance.

Many tribes are now coming forward at this crucial time to speak with the world and share their ancient knowledge.

Through uniting the indigenous people with the rest of humanity we have the potential to restore a world in balance.

Dogon elders of the traditional Kemetic priesthood recognize the necessity in this time to provide an alternative to the destructive/self-destructive lifestyle that the modern, colonial, political, educational and religious systems have maintained for the last two thousand years.

This knowledge has been guarded by Traditional Dogon Priests, being passed from generation to generation only through intense initiations for thousands of years.

(The Dogon are not just a tribe residing in the cliffs of Mali but a bloodline consisting of many tribes whos ancestor’s were considered the upper echelon of the Nile and Niger Valley civilizations)

It is this knowledge that is now being released to the world so we may rid ourselves of the pollution that “modern” society has imposed and return to the knowledge of our ancestors.

There are links between human beings and the Bayuali (Earth Energies), or, channels of the Earth that have both positive and negative effects.

Through the dialogue of universal energies of the Bayuali and Yennu, we learn what this means to our existence.

The Dogon Speak to Humanity will be on GIC Radio's "The justBernard Show" at 1PM ET. Check show page for local listings.


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Comment by susie ian on August 14, 2011 at 5:13pm
Looking forward to their wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors.
Blessings and love
Comment by Anela Nusta Shanti on August 7, 2011 at 4:51pm
I'm so excitied to be interviewing the 'Dogon Tribe' xxxx
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