August came in like a mighty lion with it's intense energies and astrological configurations. Providing alignments that will heighten the 8:8 Lion's Gateway Portal causing a thinning of the veil on that day. As well as, provide another powerful ascension wave to sweep over our planet and all of it's inhabitants.

What we are energetically experiencing will bring these energies into fruition. Those things that we've been trying to manifest within our lives that have been restricted, blocked or limited due to the various planetary retrogrades. Simply put, things were not in alignment to bring forth the full culmination of these things we've been trying to manifest.

However, the closer we get to the Autumn Equinox, the more prominent the energies will be in helping to assist us in physically reaping the seeds we have sown over the past 9 months as we've been helping the Earth and all of humanity prepare to ascend more fully in their own divinity and awareness.

Over the coming weeks, there will be great energy fluctuations and astronomical events taking place that will only add to the mixture of already powerful alignments. The 8:8 also brings with it a new moon in which to focus on exactly what we would want to see manifested in our lives positively. And explore the heightened energies that will assist in further awakening humanity.

The first half of the year has provided many challenges but soon we will find those very challenges to be a thing of the past, as we ascend above these obstacles moving forward in our own personal individual evolution. The last several months brought up plenty of junk to surface for us to work through, purge and release. Showing us what was out of alignment within our lives and what areas necessitated our attention.

Providing us a sneak peak of just how powerful our thoughts really can be. And that by worrying about our circumstances it only serves to amplify them in a negative light. Often times, providing us even more things to worry about and sidetracking us with vicious cycles of drama and chaos.

Now is truly the time to stop dwelling on the negatives and everything that's bad in our lives and focus solely on the positive attributes that we have to be thankful for. We clearly can see what focusing on the stuff we don't like can do for us, therefore it is our individual choice as to what we want to focus on; knowing that is what ultimately will manifest within our lives.

Saturn has been in retrograde since February causing us to revisit old lessons that we failed to learn or chose to sweep under the rug trying to avoid dealing with as we often do when things are not “convenient” for us at the moment. Most often those are things that force us to look within ourselves and see truths that we'd rather not have to admit to ourselves. Or simply, our attitudes get in the way of us dealing with whatever issues needed dealt with at the time but were not for whatever reason we can find fitting to justify our actions. So for the last 6-7 months, we've been given an overview and taste of the things in which we have failed to deal with or take accountability for.

Mercury also was in a very difficult retrograde wreaking lots of havoc on relationships in general and pointing out aspects that need to be dealt with whether to mend, release or make peace with; ultimately our choice as well, as to the outcome of our decisions past and present. It also created many headaches and frustrations in just dealing with everyday life and it's various aspects. There wasn't too many aspects that Mercury didn't affect this time. Problems with electronics, travel and vehicles in general, connectivity issues, computer errors and glitches, inexplicable happenings with all sorts of things that would leave us all shaking our heads wondering what was going on.

Now that things are finally in forward motion again we too can begin to forge ahead in expanding our awareness, opening ourselves up to unlimited potential and positive opportunities that will help us all individually pave the way for others to follow suit and assist along the way. We all have been in a prolonged period of planetary initiation on a core spiritual level; at a very deep soul level. And as we grow in our understanding and unravel our own individual mysteries to our divinity and uniqueness, we become more cognizant of our divine roles as Lightworkers, Warriors of the Rainbow and Healers.

With each subsequent ascension wave, we grow in our power and understanding of our roles as transmitters, beacons and channelers of these higher energies that are flooding our Earth and all of humanity in an effort to raise the mass consciousness of all upon the planet and purge it's bad programming and negative thought-forms. Helping to heal all of creation and restore it into a peaceful balanced state of perfection. It is our duty and birthright to take on this role and honor it's intent and purpose for it shall be instrumental in bringing about peace upon Earth even if it may seem far off into the distant future. That does not mean that it will take as long as we have been taught to believe. If everyone focused upon this great shift then it would happen even faster!

Send forth your healing thoughts and prayers to the world, to the Earth itself, to the people of the Earth, the animals, insects, birds, elements and all of creation. For in imbuing positive healing energy outwardly we also receive that back into our bodies through the universal life force and as we help to heal others, we too in return heal ourselves. As vessels of the divine universal energies we channel unconditional love, compassion, healing and unity into the world while helping to lift humanity and our planet up through our thoughts, actions, words, prayers and deeds.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Akia Winterhawk/Leslie Fulger



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