Monsanto unleashes Frescada GMO lettuce on the world

Press release:
Misionero Vegetables and Seminis® Vegetable Seeds Debut New Variety of Lettuce
Frescada™ Lettuce Offers Consumers a Combination of the Best Attributes of Iceberg and Romaine Lettuce.

Apr 30, 2012

DALLAS,  (April 30, 2012) – Misionero Vegetables and Seminis Vegetable Seeds are teaming up to bring consumers Frescada™, a new U.S.-grown lettuce that is a cross between iceberg and Romaine lettuce. Frescada lettuce will be available in select Sam’s Club stores in six states and offers consumers the sweet taste and the crispy texture of iceberg lettuce with improved flavor, nutritional content and a deeper green color than iceberg lettuce.

“We are pleased to offer consumers a new lettuce choice that has the sweetness, crunchiness and juiciness of iceberg with the added nutrition equal to 246% of the folate and 174% of the vitamin C in iceberg,” said Dan Canales, Misionero Vegetables’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Co-branded under Misionero’s Garden Life® brand, Frescada is cored, trimmed and ready to use without any waste. Consumers simply open the bag, use what they need and store the remaining product in the re-sealable container.” 

Frescada is very versatile and can be prepared the same as other lettuce. In whole leaf form, Frescada is perfect for any lettuce wrap. Use Frescada in your favorite salad, on sandwiches, in appetizers or for plate presentation. Anywhere you use other varieties of lettuce, you could use Frescada.

According to Tanya Alfonso, Seminis’ Consumer Traits Business Development Manager, the company’s Vegetable Seed business developed Frescada using traditional plant breeding.

“Seminis is focused on bringing innovations to vegetable growers and the consumer,” said Alfonso. “Frescada brings consumers a great-tasting, versatile lettuce for their favorite dishes and we are pleased to be working with Misionero Vegetables for our Frescada launch.”

Frescada lettuce will be on display at the United Fresh Produce Show in Dallas, TX May 1-3 in business suite 10129.


About Seminis®

Seminis® is the world’s largest developer, grower and marketer of vegetable seeds for open-field and unheated-protected crops. Seminis is focused on giving open-field and unheated protected seed growers the freedom to focus on their goals and real passions — the freedom to grow the very best crops, the freedom to grow their business and the freedom to build their futures.  For more information about Seminis visit


About Misionero® Vegetables

Misionero® Vegetables is a second generation family-owned business established in 1973.  Misionero grows, processes and ships certified organic and conventional produce for both foodservice and retail sectors.  All products are shipped domestically and internationally year-round from Salinas, CA; Huron, CA and Yuma, AZ.  Misionero’s fresh-cut products are available under the Misionero, Garden Life™ and EarthGreens® brand names.



Seminis® and Frescada™ are trademarks of Seminis Vegetable Seeds, Inc. Misionero®, Garden Life® and EarthGreens® are registered trademarks of Griffin Produce Co., Inc. ©2012 Seminis Vegetable Seeds.


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