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Now people think that i am a myth-o-man

a meditate and joined the spirit world when i think a was dead my body turn to light in real life true story. and reality stoppet and become fiction from my mind now here is the key, lots friend and my familly was unconscious and i was superconscious and they try to fix what was perfect. so i will be a gods in the flesh mean spirit in form. that can actually bring everything from the spirit world to the real world. the vital force of the…


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Militia Members Arrive At Nevada Ranch

Militia groups are rallying behind a rancher whose cattle are being seized by the federal government.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that…


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A great article about Vaccines and what to ask your doctor

These 9 Magic Words Prove That Vaccines Cause Everyday Harm

Have you ever asked your doctor about the safety of vaccines, only to have your concerns dismissed? If so, you’re not alone.

Doctors are quick to tell you there is nothing to worry about. They are quick to say something like,…


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All too often we rely on the state to tell us what to eat and which companies are ethical. And all too often the companies that the state deems ethical and safe are proven to be quite the opposite. T…

All too often we rely on the state to tell us what to eat and which companies are ethical. And all too often the companies that the state deems ethical and safe are proven to be quite the opposite. The giant agricultural companies that produce GMOs and use millions of tons of chemicals are able to do so because of…


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If You’ve Ever Eaten Pizza Before, This Will Blow Your Mind

The only way to find out what may be lurking in your pizza is to review its complete ingredient list, which is often concealed from the public. I began calling the top pizza chains and easily found a couple ingredient lists online. But, when I called most pizza restaurants and began asking questions, they…


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The Bible The way I feel about it!

Who is God?

  • The Father of all!
  • The creator of all things and Living within 7 days!
  • I Am the Alpha and the Omega!

Who is Jesus?

  • He is the Son of God!
  • The brother of all!
  • He is the savior!
  • He is co-creator of Live

Who are we you and me?

  • The daughter of son of God our…

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our path of radiance and illumination

Simran Singh – author, creative visionary, transformational catalyst, and Rebel Humanitarian – is Publisher of the Nautilus Award–Winning 11:11 Magazine and number-one rated, 11:11 Talk Radio show host. Having no interest in being teacher or Guru, Simran invites people to stand with her as ‘Examples of a New World Paradigms’.…


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End the Hate

End the Hate

By: Glen Larkham

I asked [the GIC admins] if they would do a piece on how Hate has never solved anything. They volunteered me. I then got a message from a member of an oppressed minority in a third world country,("wrong" religion) where hate and intolerance can get…


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Revolutionarily Dreaming

Lookin' thru the prizm of a multifaceted array of sad realizations, yet the existence of a multitude of solutions permeates our presence. It's no secret that this world of ours is on the verge of catastrophes like we have never seen, with the very real possibly of doomsday lurking just beyond the horizon. We see so many wars and atrocities- due to the lack of a common goal from world "leaders", greed beyond belief, the blatant disregard for the well-being of Mother Earth herself... just a…


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Corpsehustler Podcasts Lo-Fi High Contrast also known as Wadcasts on SoundCloud...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Dead Hooker Legionnaires and Dead Gigilo Privates. Introducing the Pod Cast Series from the First New Age Skateboard Brand.

Corpsehustler Skateboards is all about the evolution of beliefs. Your subjective perception of the value you put on words such as "Dead Hooker" is in for a ticket on the Great Space Coaster. In a few short weeks there will be a crowd funding campaign to ramp up the Brand's effort to make American Action Sports mean something again… Continue

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The word schizophrenia and bi-polar

The word schizophrenia and bi-polar are man made word these people are just more tuned into other dimentions/beings, hearing angelic guidance etc and you would obviously think you were mad if you didn't know what was happening, "schizophrenic and bi-polar" are geniuses in there madness.Schizophrenia has been shown to be favoroured by evolution. Bipolar has also been shown to be linked to the same gene process. It has been considered to be the creative gene and those…


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How much protection does CPS really give?

How much protection does CPS really give?

By: Julia Young

It doesn’t matter when it started. Or who started it. What matters, is that it exists.

Corruption. Abuse of Authority. Something I…


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I had an epiphany this morning doing my dishes...after I fed my rescued cats and dogs...It was a simple yet profound moment........

True Freedom comes when you realize the NEED TO GIVE UP THE CONQUER. When one decides not to conquer but to AWAken yourself to self love and Universal Love when you make the decision with in you that Winning is not the…


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richard-rudd-gene-keys Hosted by Simran Singh

Episode Description

Regardless of our outer circumstances, every single human being has something beautiful hidden inside them. The sole purpose of the Gene Keys is to bring that beauty forth – to ignite the eternal spark of genius that sets you apart from everyone else. A series of three…


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the only war is a war on consciousness and free thought expose big pharma

March 8, 2014 - When I interviewed investigative reporter Robert Whitaker in 2010 after the publication of his book Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America, he was not exactly a beloved figure within the psychiatry establishment. Whitaker had documented evidence that standard drug treatments were making many patients worse over the long term, and he detailed the lack…


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So In Control By Lulie Frye...AKA Carolyn Yback

Smoldering my steps were........ Lightening shot from my heels

And the ;chase was on.... he could not catch me for I was speed incarnate..... I was faster than sight could see.

And still he tried..... But not fast was he ….. enough to catch me.....

Just when the cliff's edge appeared...... I turned and laughed... smiled with a knowing flare....................My wings did sprout before his eyes and I took to the air..... over that cliff I did fly.......



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You Never Know if you are Entertaining Angels...By Lulabellamia AKA Carolyn Yback aka Lulie Frye

And I held my head low........But my eyes raised to meet were frozen...........................THen so very slowly my arms stretched out in flight and my right foot on it's tip pivoting side to side into the ground and dust preparation....

Deep breath head cocked to my right....eyes sweep the spanse.....left brow raised slightly and my half smile...........Hmm.....Yes.... I think it's time....Hmmmm

I raise my head now slowly and simultaneously…


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Another Poem By....Lulabellamia AKA Carolyn Yback

Silly Little Sphynx Head

Silly Little Sphynx Head with a lion's human face...

Me thinks you might be from way outerspace...

I ponder your beginning and don't understand your end..

Do you sit there all day to the tombs do you tend?

Will you ever get up? Will you walk away?

Would you let me upon your back and journey someday?

Silly Little Sphynx head with a lion's human face

You have and enternal countenance and a timeless grace...

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You are powerful and they don't want you to know it. Who are "they"? "They" are the individuals who project authority onto themselves, and make the rest of us think that we need to hear things from them, get their permission, or pay them dues for living on the planet. Why do we give them all this authority over us? Because we have been taught to from day one to do so. And because if we don't, we are told we will die, or worse, we will…


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Esoterically Speaking with Bernard Alvarez

Join Astrologer, Author, Educator, Aromatherapist, Energywork Practitioner  Rev. Shellie Enteen as she discusses the latest planetary energies and their impact on individuals and the world. Each episode begins with the weekly 'Astrological Energy Forecast' and is followed by a timely…


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