So I went to the store the other day and to my supprise, Deer Park, who I have always trusted, has begun adding Fluoride to their water bottles and marketing to kids to help their teeth. Well thats BS!!! I had Fluoride added to my teeth as a child and as you can see, while they have no cavities, they do have major discoloration and caverns. The dentist told me 2 weeks ago that it was probably caused by too much Fluoride in the water as a child.

They are now marketing Fluoride to our nations youth to dumb down their senses and keep them in front of the TV, instead of protesting on the streets!

Well so long Deer Park. you've lost another customer in me.

I urge you all to boycott Deer Park water until they support true health and the education of our youth rather than the zombification and indoctrination of the future of America.

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Well Bro~ that is not the only company and also not only happen in the USA.
I allowed me to share your blog over our HUB at the BOLE and gave on the blog to credits to you! it is linked back to here :-)


Thank you very much for sharing your personal experience and showing us your teeth. :-)


Love to you dear Brother!


the magic word on the label is "may" reduce.. not will reduce and yes not too long ago fluoride was registered as a toxin to be used in insecticide and rat poison, if you cant give it to a child under 6 because of the risk of brain damage and it has little effect after the age of 16, would it not be simpler to encourage kids to brush their teeth on a regular basis for those all important 10 years... most toothpastes and mouth washes contain fluoride anyway..why the big push for fluoridation? In Oz we have had fluoride in bottled water for years it has to be stated on the bottle of course... but you need a magnifying glass to read the labels. Good on you letting others know what is going on there..and yes your teeth show the effects of fluorosis ..too much fluoride....too much can also cause spinal and bone problems as well..not good stuff at all!!
yes we have had fluoride in the town water since the 60's here, I can tell you it did nothing for my teeth or anyone elses that I know of, but they say its the food we eat, poor dental hygiene etc that does the damage to our teeth.. they are now banning rain water tanks as well, quite possibly because there are more chemicals in that now then in the town dentist told me to stay away from toothpaste its no good for your teeth at all, especially the top brands, some organic ones are good..if anyone wants to see whats in toothpaste here is a link


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