'Star Seeds', or 'star Children' 'Light Seeds'as we all have lived in many realities in many planetary systems and in higher realms as other life forms. So here we are, star seeds, souls sparks on a mission, trapped for NOW in a physical experience..

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The term ‘Lightworker’ has been around for about 40 years, initially used to describe people doing spiritual, humanitarian or healing work. The definition of Lightworker has evolved as our understanding & consciousness has evolved… we have evolved.


Today it is understood that Lightworkers are people at the leading edge of transforming human consciousness. They themselves are ‘waking up’, experiencing expanded consciousness & a reconnection to the infinite intelligence accessible to all via our inner knowing. In the process of their own development Lightworkers are influencing others & catalysing their awakening, even without consciously trying to do so simply due their increasingly clear, light & positive vibrational output. A defining quality of Lightworkers however is their conscious awareness, this is where their true power lies.

Eventually we will reach a time where all people could be categorised as a Lightworker because the future potential of humanity is one where most people most of the time are awakened & are conscious, connected, aware, energetically masterful & compassionate. Lightworkers are not any better than anyone else, they are just going first & holding the door open for the next wave.

You cannot train to be a Lightworker but you can learn to recognise your innate Lightworker traits. You can learn how to look after yourself as you go through the neurological, physical, emotional & energetic transformations involved in your emergence as a Lightworker. You can study to develop your innate gifts & abilities & equip yourself with the tools to help you serve others.

You did in fact choose to be a Lightworker in the space between lives, before you were born. It is a great honour to be given the chance to come in & experience human life, there are millions of souls who want to be here who don’t get in! So to be here & to be doing the work of the Lightworker at this time of great shifts is a hugely powerful & joyful responsibility, one not to be taken lightly but one to be celebrated & enjoyed at any given opportunity! As a Lightworker you were born with an energy matrix & blueprint carrying your potential as a Lightworker, just as the caterpillar comes into the world carrying the blueprint to at some point transform & become a butterfly.

There are many Lightworkers who having gone through the main chaos of their awakening several years ago are now grounding their work & setting up businesses & organisations to serve others as they break awake. The next wave of awakening is taking place as demonstrated clearly to me in the vast numbers of emerging Lightworkers I have been helping over the years as a healer & coach. The next phase of emergence has begun & the numbers will be greater this time, Lightworkers who are now awake & aware will be called to support those experiencing the signs & symptoms of awakening, they will also be called to start actively creating the new world.

Lightworkers tend to be highly sensitive & intuitive, drawn to the healing arts or creative pursuits. Whatever they do, at some point they will feel called to do something more meaningful & possibly spiritual or soulful with their lives, something to help others or change things in the world that just don’t feel right.

There are many labels & categories that describe people that may be Lightworkers , some of which you may have heard before. For example: ’Starseeds’, ‘Indigos’, ‘Magentas’, ‘Crystal/Rainbow/Diamond Children’, ‘Earth Angels’ etc. Not all of these will be Lightworkers necessarily & not all Lightworkers would fit into these categories. Each group is playing a unique role in the evolution of human consciousness, no one group is any better than the other.

Lightworkers are here in vastly growing numbers on Earth to continue the much earlier work of the select handful of awake souls from thousands of years ago we may once have called ‘Masters’, those we based religions around. Then came the Starseeds who are now the teachers & mentors for the current generation of Lightworkers ready to serve & help those Lightworkers who are just now struggling with the early signs & symptoms of awakening. Hence the idea of waves, each one impacting & helping the next & each wave growing in number until every human holds the qualities of a Lightworker & we have an entirely new human consciousness here on Earth.

As an emerging Lightworker you may feel afraid of being different, of being judged, misunderstood or criticised. Depending on your earlier life trials (common to Lightworkers) you may be lacking in self-esteem at having never fitted in or having been bullied earlier in life for seeming strange. It is important to believe in yourself, to learn to accept who you are & for your own health & well-being start daring to speak your truth.

Some keys steps to feeling empowered as a Lightworker are:

  • Recognise & lovingly accept yourself as a Lightworker. Learn about what it means to be one.
  • Learn self-care & a daily practice of healing & nourishing yourself.
  • Release & forgive your past & yourself for the times you hid your light & your truth & didn’t speak up.
  • Find your ‘resonant family’ or soul group of fellow Lightworkers.
  • Learn Energy Skills for ‘energy hygiene’, grounding, boundaries & Source connection.
  • Get a mentor & use creative tools to energise your soul purpose & joyful work.Embrace being different!

Why try to hide when you were born to SHINE!



In your humanness, it is absolutely understandable that you look upon the tentacles of black death washing over the white sands of your hope and your dreams of utopia and feel despair – and you are wise to mourn if that will help you purge those defeating emotions. Know, however, that such feelings will soon blow past you, for the clouds of Gaia’s despair have only momentarily taken you to the doom, blocking your vision of the path upon which your soul journeys ever upward.You will soon be on your way again, carrying the lantern for those who are still lost in the fog of human indifference.Do not be afraid, children of Earth.You are the bold pioneers and you are filled the wonder of your purpose – the knowing that yours is a most incredible mission.GO NOW....There is much work to be done and a great urgency.You must move quickly … more quickly than ever before.Let there be a clear focus.Commit yourselves to the moment … knowing that there is no other knowing that the time is upon you.We ask you to take inventory of your methods, your intention and your resources.We call upon you to take responsibility for every thought, every act, every word.And we ask that you move decisively and with absolute determination – speaking your truth in every moment and space:to be as leaders, unshakable models of integrity and the clearest voice.To be as teachers for the children While laying yourselves open to their visions of the New Frontier.You do know what you’ve come here to do, although life’s distractions may have blurred your memory. But here is the moment you knew was coming –The time when you are being called upon for your clarity and strength –your ability to shine the light into the darkest corners;your desire to rouse the sleeping from the deep;your capacity to serve as beacons for those lost at sea.Rally the others and help them, too, to move swiftly …in the light of human consciousness.Never losing sight of the fact that it is the time of the Earth Keepers -a time to give back what you have taken from the earth.Go now, children of Gaia…you are at the threshold,ready to turn the key ready to walk through....... We as True Starseeds volunteered to have a chance to help humanity remember this true potential, this incredible power and beauty, but some are forgetting this through focusing on minute details that do not matter at all? some of us are ignoring what the great shift truly stands for by focusing on subjects that will have no place in the new world that is soon to (e)merge. Things such as what race is evil or good in space, contacting space people, whether we are evil or not, which belief or path has merit, whether UFOs visiting earth are ET or military, who is deceiving us and who is not, the darkness, the light etc etc...the list can go on forever and ever.When what we should be really focusing on is how to improve the lives of those around us, those who cross our paths, how to safely get truth out in to the world, how to protect mother earth, how to raise awareness on various subjects, how to expand humanities consciousness, how to network, meditation and furthermore just showing humanity how incredibly big and amazing they are, how they are loved so much on all levels, we need to focus on driving them away from the conspiracies, the doomsday propaganda and externalization in general so that they may internalize and see the majesty of spirit.I find that some of us are focusing on self, self self, so lets move away from self! and expose our true inner desire and mission which is everyone else! we don't nessarily need to make a scene about it, we don't have to stand on the roofstops with a loudspeaker and shout that we are extraterrestrials here to save everyone thats not the point and is another form of self. Sure it is important to take care of the vessel our cosmic energy currently inhabits but if we do our jobs right we can get humanity to the point in which they can go with in and let spirit guide them in turn transforming this present reality from one of suffering and dogma to one of peace and unity.Perhaps we are not all ready to take these gigantic steps yet we are however prepared to move on from the seas of confusion that are currently rising within our being.



Yes it is important to grow but not to loose sight of our original purpose which is something I have only recently begun contemplating, time even if it is an illusion is of the essence on planet earth and a true starseed knows this and understands that we are not on earth to play games I was told this by an older friend in which I grew angry because I did not want to face that fact or I wasn't ready to however know, I know that she was speaking truth even if I wasn't ready to accept that truth.I may sound very forceful at the moment but I have just cause to be like this, I cant afford to keep holding peoples hands especially since some here are a lot older than myself and like yourselfs are literally hanging on to my words,but are not helping themselves with them,instead they are just floating along for the ride,I have high expectations of the people I offer my guidence to and if I dont see results coming forth,Im apt to take a step back and let them keep on floating in their own dream words,not allowing them to keep me stagnant,and as a true Starseed and a messenger of our Higher intelligence Creators I cant stay stagnant and waist my energies for no reward if I do then they halt my path forward at the same time...

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