HEAVEN ON EARTH - Permaculture with Rico Zook

Permaculture with Rico Zook
a 25minute film by Bruce Weaver

What images do we hold in mind for the future of humankind, and the planet? At present, we are bombarded with images of global climate change, worldwide food and water shortages and catastrophic wars. Heaven On Earth is a video travelogue documenting the work of permaculturist Rico Zook. Join us as we travel with Rico to the Northern most part of India in the shade of the towering Himalayas, to glimpse the future through Rico's eyes and learn what permaculture is, and what it has to offer both humanity and the planet. Is it possible we might find heaven on earth here, and now? Watch and see.
For more info on Rico Zooks work please visit his website

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During and after watching the Movie, I was thinking about our culture and society. This movie helped me to realize how so completely wrong everything here in North America. Everything in this movie seems like the way we should be living right now. As I was watch this I visualized myself taking care of the crops like the ones in this movie, and this most peaceful and joyous feel came over my whole body. I love this Doc. and I love you all :-)
Love it, thank you so much for this Trevor.
Blessings love and joy
oh yes yes yes yes yes,
love permaculture!!!! I've been looking into this for years, been saving hard. The best part is how much food can be produced in the average backyard. I hear stories from all over the world and every one is as sucessful as the next. for those really interested in the actual mechanics of a permaculture system i highly recomend that you go to scribd.com and search 'permaculture transcripts' look for the name bill molissen (i'm not sure how to spell his last name right now) The book is australian but covers the subject by 'climatic zones' rather than by state and discusses the 'food forest' in detail. I found it a remarkably insightful read.
If life didn't keep me tied to my one room, no balcony appartment i would do thid in a heartbeat after all,
there is something about taking to the plow and breaking new ground that gives one energy.


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