On the 30th of September (this year) i'll be in one of the most SACRED places on the planet.... Machu Picchu!! : )

PLEASE join me in holding a 'Special/Sacred' Meditation of you own...

or in a group of friends... lets help raise the vibration of ourselves & Mother Earth & send 'Immense' (collective) Love, Light, Peace & Healing Energy into the Universe....!!
It can be at ANY time during the day (because of all the time differences etc) so just put the date in your diary and start thinking of how you're going to join in.....x

PLEASE tell us what, where,who with & ANY idea's about the type of Meditation you'll be holding to encourage others!

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

Namaste xxx

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nam myoho renge kyo , gather as many people as you can and chant down babylon.
LoL....I will definately ask them ; ) x


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