Earth Day Brasil 2011

Here is what Earth Day Brazil is about;

· It's about the elimination of Pollution.
· It's about knowledge on how to make the changes in our lives that will make a difference to our planet and personal environment.
· It's about developing millions of green jobs across the planet.
· It's about community, the World living together
· It's about ending all War.
· It's about personal spirituality.
· It's about discovering our roots, after all, we are all native to this planet.
· It's about taking care of our planet.
· It's about all of us working together as a family.
· It's about all the good things that unite the people of the planet.
· It is about a new beginning for all of us on Earth.

Here is our chance to shine together! Be a part of the solution with us. We are the change we have been waiting for!

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Thank you so much beloved Brother Trevor~ for publishing this here for us. I share and publish it further over our BRIDGES :-)

A BEARHUG for your great work you do for HuManity~



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