Please just write the NAME of the book you're willing to SWAP/SEND here,

a brief DESCRIPTION of it
(if you get stuck for words just write the description on the back of the book)

WHO it's written by etc....marks out of 10 for quality of content etc.....

then when someone would like to SWAP/READ your book they can send you a message to exchange addresses etc.

It'll SAVE buying brand NEW books and SAVE some tree's in the process ; ) xx

(if you haven't got a book to send at this moment in time and like the look of one of the books here, don't worry...send the person a message anyway and they may be willing to exchange it for a little something else....
for example....i'd probably send an angel bookmark, a crystal or something!? : )) xxx )

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Big applause for a genuinely fantastic idea for all of us...Thank you. ( I would probably add buying a PO Box for those who deem it necessary for privacy sake. In the USA they are like 3 bucks a month.)
Oooh ooh I have an idea to add... Why don't we start uploading e-books here also? cool! I'll see if there is a way to set something like that up here now.
It was a conversation between myself & my friend Jean that sparked this one off. Glad you likey!

The 'P/O box' idea is very good and also the E-Books....look forward to this!! ; ) xx
I have to swap - The book of the dead(Egyptian) by E.A. Wallis Budge
- The pagan christ by Tom Harpur.
- Return to the sacred. by Johnathan H. Ellerby. Ph.d. An inspiring journey around the globe and into the furthest reaches of spirit.
- Excuse me your god is waiting by Michelle Epiphany Prosser. Basically about getting to know god and yourself.
- Walking an ancient path by Kanen Tate. Rebirthing goddess on planet earth.

All of these books are in great condition. I have many more some spiritual some not.

Angel Kids - by Jacky Newcomb (The Angel Lady) Brand New. 9/10 rating for content

"Angel Kids is full of the delightful encounters that children have with thier guardian angels & loved one's from the other side of life; as well as fascinating insights into the lives of psychic children...& the parents who have to cope with this phenomenon!"

Behind the Lost Symbol - by Tim Collins Brand New. (haven't read it so can't rate)

" the definitive guide to the history & idea's underpinning Dan Brown's phenomenal new novel. It will give his legions of readers essential insights into the rituals, the settings, the symbols, the history & science behind the book. Among it's fascinating entries, all cross-referenced to other articles as well as to Brown's novel & it's prequels, readers will learn the facts behind; the influence of Freemasonary on America's founding fathers; the connection with Kryptos, the enigmatic sculpture in the CIA's headquaters at Langley, Virginia; the Masonic architecture of Washington DC"

Just send me a message + i'll send you the book...Happy Swapping! ; ) xx


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