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A group for developing your spiritual,psychic and particularly mediumistic abilities, developing channeling skills, working with guides and spirit...of all kinds. Eclectic/multifaith.

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Hi everyone and welcome: over the ensuing months we hope to bring you a lot of information and will also be collaborating with Nova Spirit to bring a comprehensive, well laid out and throrough guide and help aid to developing your skills.

we are incredibly blessed in the GIC that we have so many beautiful people of light; many who already may have guides "already in"... please; if you have channelled information please post it in your blog and not here: it is hoped to keep this forum group to aid the development of others.

There are many pathways to working with your guides and gifts; there are many different frequencies - beings/guides/ and energies; there are many differeing views held of what is spirit and spiritual. This forum covers a wide area and is eclectic and also multifaith- embracing those who do not follow any religion or doctrine also.

This group is for everyone as it is the hope that it will aid the unfolding of a greater expression of life,being and unity in line with the very purpose of the GIC.
We are all beautiful beings of light, no mattter where our journey is, or how far along it.

We shall be posting links and graphics to resources within this box; and the contents of this text box is likely to change.

To begin, we must begin at the beginning; to walk together we must find the pace of the slowest...and also bridge the pace of the faster among you; there is no race....the journey is yours to walk.
All beings of purity and purpose; of light; of Love; of the highest vibration and frequency, all guides of truth, all angels, all those who work to guard the light, who enjoin free will, all energies of the Source that may aid this enlightenment of being in harmony and peace, compassion and healing, mercy and inspiration, now be present if you may:
Let all those who work in the highest of intentions embracing free will and unconditional love, that work beyond all time, through time and outside of time; and all those of all dimensions likewise engaged in peace, harmony, wellbeing and totallity of beneficial expression be welcome here:

let this circle be guarded and the space within a sanctuary of light and unity;
may the many paths found here become journeys of joy and wellbeing for those walking them: may there be gentle guidance, love and humour upon every path that may be.
May those who come here learn, and from such learning may radiate greater light that shall last and reach throughout all eternity in balance with their highest best good that shall be ever limitless and attainable according to each soul's need; in peace, unity and compassion with every being gathered here.
This group is within the circle of the whole GIC; it is the GIC encircling the globe and it is most importantly, also you. Please take some time to read the GIC mission statement
and align yourselves again to the awe inspiring unity and breadth of that statement.

Breathe. Collect yourself, ground and centre... and prepare yourself.

You are now entering sacred space.

we each within eachother acknowledge that which is of the highest vibration of light within each other.


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Comment by Treva Lynn Knott ( GIC ) on March 1, 2011 at 4:19pm
I couldn't get it to post in the Discussions so here it is :-)
Comment by Treva Lynn Knott ( GIC ) on March 1, 2011 at 4:18pm
Comment by Desirée Mölgaard on September 24, 2010 at 4:11pm
This is cool...much needed :-)
Love & Light to all
Comment by on September 24, 2010 at 9:05am
awesome!! :-)
Comment by ShadowCat on September 24, 2010 at 8:13am
Thank you for starting this group Brock! I have been waiting for it! :)

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