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Please note:
Video's and Blog post topics must pertain to our Focus -

* global unity and equality.
* paranormal experiences.
* empowering the human experience.
* free alternative and sustainable energy.
* spiritual growth.
* secret technologies.
* hidden ancient knowledge.
* Cosmic and Earth changes.
* human consciousness.
* disclosure of extraterrestrials.
* self sufficiency and nutritional awareness.

* (VIDEOS) All video submissions MUST have a Title and Description or they may be removed by the Admin Team.

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Code of Conduct - We feel that we are all here for the same reason and as that being as it is, we know how to behave and be polite. While we welcome dissenting points of view and a healthy debate at times, we ask that you make your point without personal attacks or general rudeness and accusatory statements.  Unkind people will be removed from the network, here and around the web. ( ZERO TOLERANCE for racism, homophobia, misogyny and all forms of bigotry.)

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Welcome Home to the Global Illumination Council where REAL People make a REAL difference! Thank you.


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I always find what I need on GIC and I like to thank you and admin. for all the wonderful work done on the site.
Blessings love and light
Love it:-)
thankyou !!
It's good to be Home (-:
Love & Light to you all and thank you for Acceptance .
We are the ones blessed by your presence. Welcome and enjoy a fantastic ascension.
Thanks....Love and light to all.
Awesome! Live in the light and have unconditional love for everything and you shall be set free.... Be well!
Thank you! I am so happy to be a part of the Council and am greatly inspired by the work you are all doing. I am here to assist in any way possible. So please let me know, as time goes on, how I may. Best wishes to all. Now, tally ho! There's work to do. And it shall be fun!
You have my gratitude and best wishes. May the Light always prevail!
Thank you for the acceptance. You did built up a wonderful network to explore for every being with an open mind. One feels the love with that you work for this project. It feels good to be a part of its community. With love and best wishes.
I'm so glad I found you and that you have accepted me into the fold!


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