I have wondered about this for some time. I can feel it's effects but it is not so significant that I can pin point what it is. I know about the historical myths surrounding good fortune during full moon. I found a interesting article on these moon cycles I will post it below. What do you think?

Folklore suggests that psychic ability increases during full and new moons. So what do we know scientifically?
The earliest published study on this topic was conducted in 1965 by neurologist Dr. Andrija Puharich. Working from the hypothesis that psychic ability is affected by the gravitational pull of the full moon, Puharich conducted telepathy experiments every day over a single lunar cycle. Puharich’s tests confirmed that psychic ability rose during the full and new moons, although the highest scores occurred during new moons.
More recently, psi researcher Dr. Dean Radin has conducted a great deal of research into the impact of the moon on psychic ability. His earliest investigations occurred at the University of Nevada where he carried out an intriguing analysis of payouts at a Nevada casino to see if they tracked any lunar cycle. He also attempted to determine whether this cycle appeared to influence the earth’s geomagnetic field (GMF). In this study, he analyzed payouts from roulette machines, keno, blackjack, craps, slot machines and a combination of all five games.
Radin demonstrated a relationship between the earth’s geomagnetic field and the lunar cycle—at times of a new moon or a full moon, the earth’s GMF was at its quietest. He then analyzed casino data from between 1991 and 1994 to determine whether the highest payouts happened during days of geomagnetic calm and full moons. Overall he examined data for about 50 lunar cycles.
Results were significant. Payout percentages were at their highest (78.5 per cent) during full moons, and at their lowest a week before and after the new moon. “Gambling on or near days of the full moon, and by avoiding the casino on or near days of the new moon, over the long-term, gamblers may be able to boost their payout percentage by about 2 per cent,” writes Radin.
The relationship between a higher payout and geomagnetic calm was close to being significant. Radin then went on to examine the relationship between the lunar cycle and specific games. For slot-machine winnings, the highest payouts occurred precisely at the time of the full moon. Over the four years, four of the six jackpots occurred within one day of the full moon. “We found that the peak average payout rate for blackjack occurred three days before the full moon, for craps three days after the full moon, for keno one day after the full moon, and for roulette one day before the full moon,” writes Radin.
But does the moon operate on its own or in relationship to solar geomagnetic flux? The gambling evidence suggests the latter. Radin decided to look at lottery winnings during a year where the lunar cycle correlated with a high geomagnetic field—that is, when the GMF was high during times of full moons. During that year, he discovered, lottery winnings were not at their highest during full moons. Russian studies also show a relationship between a calm GMF and higher payouts.
But what is the effect due to? The most likely explanation is a subtle geomagnetic effect, or some influence of the moon on the sun’s well-established geomagnetic effect. During a full moon, the earth sits between the moon and the sun so that both enter our geomagnetic field; during a new moon, the moon sits between the sun and the earth and is furthest away from our GMF. It is likely that the moon’s placement actually impedes or amplifies the geomagnetic pull of the sun and the earth’s GMF, making it stronger or weaker. It’s also wise to remember that the lunar synodic month (29.5 days) is approximately the same length of time as the full rotation of the sun.
Studies by Stanford University geophysicist Anthony Fraser-Smith shows a relationship between the moon and the earth’s GMF during lunar eclipses. Furthermore, studies of lunar samples brought back from the Apollo flights show evidence of strong magnetic fields in the rock. Researchers believe this material could cause a magnetic shift when the moon passes through the earth’s geomagnetic ‘tail’, as happens during the new moon.
Psychic researcher Stanley Krippner has also examined whether the lunar cycle has any effect on our ability to pick up extrasensory perception during dreams. In a study at the Maimonides Medical Center in New York, Krippner showed differences in score results, depending on the phase of the moon.
One other fascinating bit of evidence that the moon’s phases affect our psychic ability concerns the effect of the moon’s cycles on the stock market. The Technical Securities Analysts Association (TSAA) of San Francisco has gathered copious evidence showing that financial boom and bust crises follow a 56-year cycle, which closely correlates with the cycles of the sun and moon.
Ultimately the evidence to date suggests that human potential is at its greatest when the earth, the stars, the moon and the sun are all in energetic harmony. The folk who wrote the lore must have known something after all.

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It would be fair to say that if the Moons gravity affects the Earths tides and that humans are made up of mostly water, that it would have some physiological effect on us.
Thank you for sharing, this is awsome.
love and light to you


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